Female Sex Toys

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Showing 1–18 of 2069 results

Female Sex Toys (vibrators, dildos & strap ons, balls & eggs, anal toys)

We are one of Australia’s largest suppliers of female sex toys and we pride ourselves in offering all the big name brands at unbelievably low prices. Not only this, but we make sure that your experience of shopping online with us is enjoyable, and hassle free, from start to finish. You can access our store at a time to suit you (whether this be during the day or night) and we offer super-fast delivery; you can expect your parcel within a staggering 1-3 business days. At lovetoys247.com we also appreciate that buying sex toys might be something that you prefer to keep to yourself. That’s why we don’t mention the name of our website on your credit/debit card statement, nor on the outside of our packaging.

Our online store is packed full of naughty gadgets that are guaranteed to spice up your sex life. Our range of vibrators is huge, and caters for every taste and preference. Female sex toys come in all sorts of shapes and sizes including waterproof vibrators that you can take with you into the shower or tub, rechargeable vibrators which save you an absolute fortune on batteries, and are also good for the environment, and even vibrators designed especially for couples: check out the innovative range of couple’s vibrators from We-Vibe. We-Vibe produce a range of sensual massagers that are worn by the woman during sex and provide wave upon wave of pleasure for both parties.

Dildos and strap ons are ideal for those of you who like a touch of realism in their sex toys. Many look just like the real thing and can be attached, via a suction cup, to any hard surface so you can thrust against them to your heart’s content. If you prefer a little vibration to get you going we also have dildos that have different speed settings and provide sensational, intense vibratory pleasure.

Strap ons are ideal if erectile dysfunction is sometimes a problem. They come in all sorts of different sizes and fasten to your body via a comfortable, and fully adjustable, harness. For those couples who like to experiment take it in turns to wear one. We also stock hollow strap ons which provide you with the intimacy of making love without the worry of a mid-performance let-down!

Balls and eggs add a little variety to your female sex toys collection and they can also serve a very useful purpose. Ben Wa Balls not only provide you with sexual pleasure they can also be used alongside Kegel exercises to tighten your pelvic floor muscles resulting in improved bladder control, increased feeling during sex and more intense orgasms.

Anal toys come in a variety of sizes and are great for those of you who just crave a little booty satisfaction. Start off gently with a butt plug and, if you wish to add a little extra stimulation, progress to investing in an anal stimulator with added vibration. Some anal toys even tickle your clitoris at the same time so provide double the fun; perfect for ladies with larger sexual appetites who like to experience stimulation in both areas.