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Showing 1–18 of 566 results

Essentials & Lubes (lubes, condoms, massage oils, arousal gels, sexual aids, toy cleaners)

Whatever fetish or fantasy you wish to explore you can begin your journey at; Australia’s premier supplier of adult toys. Our online store is packed full of truly inspirational goodies and, unlike your local sex shop, we are open 24/7. What’s more, there is also absolutely no need to engage in an embarrassing conversation with a sales assistant, as you can complete your purchase entirely online so full discretion is guaranteed.

At we stock all the essentials & lubes you require to allow you to make the most of your sex toys and to enhance your lovemaking. From lubes to condoms, massage oils and toy cleaners, our extensive range is sure to contain a lot of what you need, and a little of what you fancy! You also get to shop with us from the comfort of your own home, and we make sure that there is no reference to our company on the outside of your parcel, or on your debit/credit card statement in order to protect you from prying eyes.

We stock a large range of essentials & lubes from big brand names all of which are rigorously tested and proven to be entirely body-safe so you can use them with confidence. All of our lubes have a wonderfully silky texture and provide instant lubrication where you need it most. When buying your next sex toy, particularly anal toys, vibrators, strap ons and dildos, be sure to add a lubricant to your cart when you check out.

Condoms, of course, are a must when it comes to preventing unwanted pregnancies and STIs. We stock a great range, and you’ll find brands that are hard to find in bricks and mortar stores; some even glow in the dark, many have raised studs and ribs for added pleasure and stimulation, and some are exclusively designed for the more well-endowed gentleman!

Massage between couples can be a sensual and luxurious experience and our massage oils are guaranteed to make a run of the mill massage session into a really sumptuous event. Many come in a range of fantastically exotic fragrances including Pomegranate, Sweet Almond and Strawberry, and all are moisturising and will leave your skin delicately scented for hours.

Arousal gels can help to get you in the mood when you need a little persuading. Scientifically formulated to stimulate a woman’s most sensitive spot and heighten sexual pleasure, these water-based gels contain two vasodilators which bring blood to the surface of the skin and a touch of peppermint for a warming, tingling sensation. You can use them with all non-silicone sex toys and the effects can last for up to 45 minutes.

Adult toys have become far more technically advanced in recent years and many are a considered purchase. That’s why at we recommend that you purchase a good quality sex toy cleaner to keep your prize possessions free from nasty germs and in tip-top condition for many years to come. You’ll find that the manufacturer of your new sex toy has probably also produced a cleaner especially formulated for their products so you can rest assured that they will be entirely compatible with the materials used. Look out for cleaning solutions from Fleshlight, We-Vibe and Doc Johnson to name but a few!

Sex is good for you; it’s official! An active sex life has been proven to help to reduce stress, decrease blood pressure, and burn calories. Make sure that you stay safe from nasty venereal diseases and avoid unwanted pregnancies by keeping an ample supply of condoms; you just never know when you might get lucky!

These days condoms aren’t just there for protection. You can buy specially designed condoms that will add a unique twist to your lovemaking. Our vast selection includes flavoured condoms, those that warm you up and those that cool you down, anal condoms and condoms specifically designed for the ladies. For those men who hate the latex feel of traditional condoms we also stock an ultra-thin variety. Our Playboy Ultra-Thin condoms are made from premium quality latex and are much thinner, so far more sensitive than standard condoms. They are also lubricated for extra comfort.

By ordering your sex toys and condoms online you are guaranteed complete anonymity. Your purchases are wrapped discreetly and delivered to your door in just a few days. What’s more you can browse online at any time of the day or night.

If you enjoy getting slippery between the sheets, or need a little extra lubrication, we have a huge range of lubes available. Our Pjur Analyse Me! anal lube is specifically designed for anal intercourse. It’s silicone based and contains jojoba for extra softness. What’s more, it doesn’t have a numbing effect so both partners can enjoy anal sex to the fullest.

If you fancy adding a bit more flavour to your love life then look no further that our flavoured lubes. Our Swiss Navy lubricant comes in a whole host of tempting and tangy flavours including; Strawberry Kiwi, Very Wild Cherry, Passion Fruit and Pina Colada. These premium Swiss Navy lubricants are Sugar-Free/Paraben-Free and provide long lasting lubrication with a velvety feel; ideal for when you’re feeling fruity!

A sensual massage is just the thing to get you in the mood for a night of passion. Why not try one of our gorgeously seductive massage oils? Our Inttimo Aromatherapy Massage Oil is available in five unique scents including; Cucumber Melon, Forbidden Fruit, Romance, Sensuality, and Invigorate. The massage oil is an irresistible blend of seven vitamin enriched natural oils which glide smoothly onto the skin and leave you delicately scented for hours. You can use it as a massage oil and also sprinkle it into your bath water.

Our body paint is guaranteed to add a tempting twist to your bedroom antics. Most come with brushes so you can literally paint it on your partner then take your time licking it off. It’s great fun for both of you! Our Karma Sutra Lovers Body Paint comes in a variety of delicious flavours including Dark Chocolate Raspberry, and Rich Caramel.

When you next shop with us for another naughty addition to your sex toy collection don’t forget to add one of our sex toy cleaners to your online basket. Regular cleaning will keep your toys hygienically clean and as good as new for years to come. We have a great selection at some of the most competitive prices on the net. Why not try our Fleshlight Fleshwash Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner. It’s designed for use with Fleshlight products but can be used to clean your full arsenal of sex toys. It comes in a 4oz spray and uses a powerful anti-bacterial ingredient, Triclosan to fight bacteria and keep your sex toys clean and sanitary.
It’s also non-irritating to skin, non-greasy, alcohol free, not tested on animals, and safe for use on latex, silicone, and all Fleshlight Superskin products.