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We have a huge selection of anal sex toys exclusively designed to satisfy this particular type of booty call! You’ll find anal beads, some designed exclusively for ladies, anal vibrators, douches and enemas plus male prostate toys all just a click away. What’s more your new sex toys will be delivered to you quickly, in discreet packaging, and you can shop online at any time of the day or night.

Anal beads are designed to enhance your orgasm. They give an entirely unique sensation of pressure in your rear; savour the delight of popping in one ball at a time, and pull them out just before you climax. Most of the anal beads we stock are suitable for both men and women, although we have a few that provide double the pleasure and feature extra clitoral stimulation. Our Mood range is equipped to give you twice the stimulation. The full 7.5 inches of premium silicone vibrates deliciously, and with ten functions to choose from it really will blow your mind! It’s available in two colours; pink or purple, and both are hypoallergenic and fully waterproof.

A vibrating anal toy can makes things a little easier if you’re flying solo, especially those that feature wireless remote control. They make it easy to up the ante; you can switch from a tempting tickle to an extremely gratifying growl! Not alone for the evening? Hand the controls over to your partner and let them be in charge of the settings. We guarantee that things will get pretty steamy!

If you like to make sure that you are squeaky clean before or after sex we have a great range of products available, including anal douches and enemas. Bathmate produce the Hydrodouche, which is a personal hygiene device that can be used in the shower to complement your personal cleansing routine. Made from medical grade material, the Hydrodouche fits any shower and is fed by gravity so it puts you in total control; there are no annoying spikes in temperature or water pressure.
If you like to combine business with pleasure then our Fetish Fantasy Beaded Pleasure Douche/Enema system could be just the ticket! This PVC-based water bulb is designed to be both practical and fun; just fill the bulb with water and squeeze to release. It’s guaranteed to stimulate those hard to reach areas and is a great choice for beginners.
The prostate and perineum are man’s equivalent to the G-Spot, and like their female counterpart they enjoy plenty of attention! Massaging these areas will raise a man’s orgasm to a whole new level. In addition, prostate massagers have been shown to have real health benefits; for example, reducing the risk of prostate cancer.

We stock a great range of male prostate toys including the Dr Joel Versatile Prostate Stimulator, which is a firm but flexible stimulator angled for fully versatile prostate stimulation. It features ten powerful functions including vibration, pulsation, and escalation, so it’s sure to take you or your partner to dizzying new heights of pleasure!

We are the largest Australian online sex shop and have a far wider selection that your local sex store. Couple this with our fantastic customer service, competitive prices and super-fast delivery and we are confident that you’ll come back to us time after time for all your anal sex toy purchases. Don’t forget to order your batteries and sex toy cleaners when you shop with us; it will save you money on postage and you’ll be guaranteed many hours of uninterrupted bedroom entertainment.

Anal Sex Toys (butt plugs, anal beads, anal balls, bullets & eggs, anal douche or enema)

At we appreciate that probably the last thing you want to do is to visit your local sex shop and purchase anal sex toys. For most of us these acquisitions are something that we would probably prefer to keep under wraps. That’s the beauty of shopping with us via the internet. No one will ever know about your sexual desires and preferences as you can place your order exclusively online, without talking to one of our staff members (although we are also on hand via the telephone to help should you require any advice or assistance).  When we process your order we make sure that the name of our website does not appear on your credit/debit card statement, and there will be no mention of our company, or to the contents of the parcel, on the exterior packaging. Of course you also have the added advantage of shopping with us at a time to suit you, and getting access to some of the best prices available on the internet.

Anal sex toys provide added stimulation to the anal area and can be used by couples and individuals alike. Anal toys come in a variety of sizes and designs, and are perfect for when you feel desperate for a little extra booty satisfaction. If you are new to anal play we stock starter kits that allow you to progress slowly through a range of sizes. You can begin with a smooth, straight plug then move on to a larger plug with a single bump for added variety. Finally, as your confidence increases, the kit includes a larger plug with two bumps and a lengthy neck.

Why not start off gently with a butt plug and, if you wish to add a little extra stimulation, progress to investing in an anal stimulator with added vibration; these are especially satisfying for singletons. Designed exclusively for women, some anal toys even tickle your clitoris at the same time so provide double the pleasure; perfect for those times when stimulation in one area just isn’t enough!

Anal balls are smooth, weighted balls that vibrate with each movement of your body. Even the very slightest tremble will activate exquisite, and completely silent, vibrations that are not powered by batteries! Start by inserting one ball at a time, inserting as many as you feel comfortable with before gently tugging the sturdy retrieval cord to release each ball; try tugging your anal balls mid-climax for the most explosive orgasm you’ve ever had!

We appreciate that many of you like to ensure that you are squeaky clean prior to, and sometimes after, any anal action. That’s why we stock a comprehensive selection of anal douches and enemas. If you are looking for a douche that is both simple and pleasurable to use, then take a look at the EZ-Clean Enema system from the Anal Fantasy Collection! It features a squeeze bulb that is soft and pliable, and an applicator that screws easily into the top of the bulb. The slim shape of the applicator makes it safe and comfortable for those new to anal stimulation. To use, just fill the bulb with liquid, then squeeze the bulb to release.

As an added bonus each Anal Fantasy box includes a FREE 5-Piece Prep Kit which features 2 finger sleeves, anal desensitizing cream, anal lube, and sex toy cleaner.